New Year, New Name, New Attitude

In September 2012, I’m closing the door on A Writer’s Diary. This plan has been forming since 2008. I wanted to go out in ten years. As 2012 descends, I think I have figured out what to do with this website next. Just like with my Twitter handle, I’ll be re-branding this site.

Since my first post, I wrote to other writers like me, trying hard to become published authors. Then I became a published author myself, with some interesting twists along the way. When I started this blog in 2002, did I think I’d publish a non-fiction book first? Never entered my mind. Did I think I’d review for prestigious trade mags like RT and PW? Nope. Couldn’t conceive of it. Did I see the BBC coming? Heck no. And yet, it all happened and I blogged about it in real time.

Still, publishing a novel eluded me until I took the reins and went indie with Sister Issues. Then TWRP contracted another novel, which should be out early in 2012, stars willing. Maybe because I priced it right, the Kindle edition of my writing manual, Your Words, Your Story, is still selling too. So a novel, a non-fiction book, another novel on the way.

In my tenth year, I can finally claim success. Not the way I expected, but that’s okay. A Writer’s Diary archives burst with writing advice, successes and failures. In 2012, I plan to collect my favorite posts for a couple of projects. I’ve already begun the first project, called “Blog Behind the Book” with essays in various stages of readiness, some already up on this site.

Finally, after ten long years, I’m ready for the next phase of my writing life. Are you?

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  1. Absolutely! You are such an inspiration, Cindy. I’m excited for you (yes, I have Sister Issues on my kindle! and can’t wait for your release from TWRP). Whatever you do with your blog, I’m along for the ride!! *hugs*


  2. Hi Martha,

    Thank you for saying I’m an inspiration. It works both ways. You started getting published so quickly after taking my class, you inspired me to catch up, lol. I’m keeping the blog, not sure what I’ll do yet. I have some ideas. All half-baked. Happy New Year! {{{hugs}}}


  3. Cindy ~ so proud of all your accomplishments glad to have watched & read through them over the several decades I have known you! You inspire me to do more journaling in my scrapbooks. You are a great friend!


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