Excellent 99 Cent Novels

If you just got an eReader for Christmas (or have one but have not discovered indie writers yet)and are looking for good reads and good value, here are my reviews of top indie picks in the order I read them. I actually read the first one on my husband’s phone, before I bought a Kindle:)

Karen McQuestion: Easily Amused.

Becky Wolsk: Six Words.

Bob Sanchez:  When Pigs Fly.

Tess Hardwick: Riversong.

Becky Wolsk: Food & Worry.

Christine Nolfi: Treasure Me.

Terri Giuliano Long: In Leah’s Wake.

Also, here are a few non-fiction indie reads I enjoyed:

Mark Schaefer: The Tao of Twitter.

John Locke: How I Sold a Million eBooks in 5 Months!

Becky Wolsk: The Text Isle Patchwork Cookbook.

I also have two books available on Kindle and Nook, each for only 99 cents. My novel, Sister Issues, and my writer’s manual/memoir, Your Words, Your Story (Kindle Edition).

Happy reading and please let me know if you have some favorite indie authors!


  1. Hey, I made the list! Thanks so much, Cindy.

    I’ve been a reader of your blog for a long time and I’ve always admired your honesty. I love sharing what I’ve learned with other writers, and I know you do too. Just so you know, your generosity is appreciated.


  2. Thanks Karen. I do understand the 99 cent price point is a good way to gather readers and may be too low for some publishers or indie writers. I’m thinking about my cut off point. What is the most I would want to pay? For a new author with terrific buzz maybe $5. For a beloved favorite, I just go buy the hardcover. For fun reads by authors I love but don’t collect $7 or $8 seems fair.


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