The Third Choice

I’ll be working on my galleys for The Paris Notebook today. It has been a long haul getting this book into production. Yes, it’s nice to have an editor, a cover artist, POD and a marketing department all working for me at no cost to me. But right now, I’m split down the middle about which way I prefer to publish, go-it-alone indie, like I did with Sister Issues, or ePub with ePress.

Really, I won’t know until I see how each novel earns out in the next few months. And really, really, beyond those two choices, I want to get published by Harlequin, earn an advance, and have their giant readership advantage. I will be polishing new chapters this month and sending them off to an editor who has asked to see more of my work.


  1. It’s hard to know, isn’t it, until you have some distance from the completion of your projects? Joanne, at Whole Latte Life, has decided to self publish next March. As I watch authors travel the obstacle course of getting their work out into the world, I think about how much has changed in just the last two years. There are lots of possibilities, but there is a lot of work involved, too.


  2. It’s truly a crazy time. I have heard it compared to the gold rush! Most of the people who got the gold got there first but millions rushed in after and they lost what little they had and then starved. I won’t starve, but I don’t expect to find any golden nuggets either.


  3. Thanks John. So have you! We’ve each had 2 books out.
    I feel, even though I know by my old markers of success, I’ve done well. But I want to do so much more. Harlequin yes, romance is fun to write, but also I’d love to stretch myself toward women’s fiction and a big New York contract. A woman can dream:)


  4. I’m a writer/teacher who started a blog this November and I’m taking time off from the classroom to try to get some writing done. I figure I’ll self-publish and see what happens. Blogs like yours will mean a lot to me as I try to figure everything out.


  5. Thanks Geri. I also am taking a break from teaching. I could not have self-pubbed or e-pubbed if I was teaching. Teaching takes everything I’ve got. And so does writing. Glad you were able to take a bit of time off, and that the blog is helpful:)


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