So This is Christmas

These days, I live my life with a soundtrack from my younger years. And this month, it’s John Lennon. I remember his Christmas song, and the background vocals “War is over, if you want it…war is over, now.” I love the hope in those words, and all Lennon did for peace.

This is the time of year when soldiers lay down their arms, when enemies cease fire, when peace and love prevail. One of my favorite things to do this time of year is read Christmas stories. I have a few favorite authors who have Christmas themed books out now, Shirley Jump, Anne Perry, Mary Balogh. My own novel, Sister Issues, is set partly during the holidays, probaby because I love this time of year and love reading about it.

Today my daughter-in-law, Jessica, who lives in Seattle but is in Buenos Aires now, commented on my Facebook page that she loved the Christmas chapters because they reminded her of Christmas in Michigan. I could not be given a higher compliment. If you are an author and have a Christmas themed book out now, or if you are a reader with a favorite Christmas author, please let me know. I’d love to add more Christmas stories to my reading list this month.

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