Magic Wands

In the tarot deck, wands (aka rods) are the cards that stand for creative endeavors. Had I read my cards this morning, I would have been surprised to learn that I would somehow find 3K words when as I sat down to write I had zero ideas.

Since I know how my story ends, I was able to grab 2 ideas pretty quickly and then just riffed on them. This WIP is a hot mess, but it’s my hot mess and I love it. A new plot twist came up, something that adds richness and depth (so humble). I didn’t have a clue about this twist yesterday. Or even before I started writing.

It really works: just start writing and the ideas will come. I wanted to bust 20K today, just a personal goal, because I know I’m not going to get 50K for NaNo. That’s fine. (See below). I just had to say this again. Sit in the chair, face the keyboard, let your story loose in your head, and I swear that the words will come. Like magic wands.

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  1. Magic wands. I like that idea. I’ve needed a bit of magic myself lately, and I turn to movies when I need a lift. I watched “The Wizard of Oz” and “Mary Poppins” last week. That will hold me for a bit.


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