Sister Issues


2 sisters + 1 husband = trouble. That’s my tag line for Sister Issues, finally for sale for $0.99 on Kindle and Amazon. Also now available on Nook.

Thanks to so many people who helped me along the way. Karen McQuestion who first asked “why not do an e-book?” (I read Karen’s novel on my husband’s phone because I didn’t have a Kindle yet!) Becky who did it first and send me her tutorial. My son Mike who coded the book. My friend Shirley, who recommended Guido Henkel for formatting advice. My daughter-in-law Jessica and her sister Meghan, who found the perfect cover shot and allowed me to use it.

Guido and Mike held my hand through the day yesterday until the book was up! You wouldn’t believe the stupid questions I asked them both, but they were sweet and patient with me. Now I sort of know what writers being interviewed mean when they are asked why they decided to become a writer. “I suck at everything else.”

I was a good teacher, but I am hopeless with tech stuff. Lucky for me, other generous people are not. Thanks everyone for your help and support! If you’d like to read the process it took (starting in 2004!) to get from there to here you can see it on this page.


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