Excited about the big changes in my writer’s organization Detroit Working Writers. DWW for short. This group is 111 years old. It was the first women’s press club back in the days when male journalists did not let women into their club. We’ve been through many reincarnations since then. For a good while we were Detroit Women Writers, but when men came on board, we switched to the current name.

Since I’ve joined, we’ve done so much to update our non-profit historic group, beginning with the constitution. Then we decided to open our membership to emerging and student writers, so we re-wrote the application(s) to reflect our new inclusiveness. Best part, after a hiatus of several years, we are back in the conference business! September 15, 2012 at the Clinton-Macomb Pubic Library. So many of our wildly successful members have generously offered to hold workshops.

With the conference comes a writing competition. More on that as we work out details. What we know now is the competition will have cash prizes and the winners will be announced at the conference. Oh, did I say I was chairing this event? Email me any questions and please consider joining DWW. We have much to offer writers at all stages of their game.



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