NaNo Prep

I’ve had a book brewing for awhile now. I took another page of notes this morning. The info is flowing in and even though I like to finish one project (or in this case 2 projects) before beginning a new novel, I think I can pretty much wrap up the 2 books by the end of October.

Which puts me in November, the perfect month to hammer out a draft of 50K. I’ve done NaNo a few times before and I always finish. I always make the word count. It’s like a solemn promise to myself. Plus I really do want to start writing this book.

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  1. I must admit that despite drawing and painting, I hardly ever scribble in a notebook any more. Which is a shame because that’s where great ideas come from (or at least that is what I’ve found in my experience). Must start doing it again.


  2. If you have a special type of notebook you prefer, go buy one. Just buying one will get you in the mood. Fresh new pages to fill up with any old whatever.


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