Not Even One

Juggling multiple book projects this past year has been a real learning curve. Last month, was amazed and annoyed with myself because I didn’t manage to publish even one novel this September after my firm belief and often repeated vows that I’d have several out by now. Not. Even. One.

But soon! I finished my last pass for The Wild Rose Press, who are putting out The Paris Notebook. I can’t believe they let me keep that title. It’s not very romancy. (That’s because it wasn’t a romance, not really, until Tori got her editorial teeth into it.)

As for the Kindle novel, now titled Sister Issues, that’s been waaay on the back burner while I dealt with TPN. However I am taking baby steps toward getting that in shape again. It’s almost funny how much trouble I’ve had getting that book into digital form. Every time I got close a new dilemma would pop up. Even now, I’m thinking, should I publish it on Create Space as well?

And then there’s Gypsy and Traveling Girl, my paranormals. On Twitter, I’m “Gypsywriter”(because that was the novel I was writing when I joined) so every time I tweet I think about those books and want to get back to them, to read and revise and pubish them.

Also there’s the new novel. Still just taking notes on that one, thank stars.





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