The Real Deal

I’ve been working all week on edits sent by my editor on Monday. There was a time when I would have felt like the luckiest person in the world to have this opportunity. What’s interesting is that it has not been a comfortable process. It’s mostly just tedious. I really like my editor. She’s funny and smart and she’s made this a better book. But she uses an online editing program and I do my edits the old-fashioned way, by printing out a copy and hand-writing edits.

So, something new. And electronic. I can’t quite get comfy with just saving everything on the laptop. I think it will help if I go in and save on an e-drive as well. Just in case. This has been a lot of work and mostly it’s the boring stuff. Take out a period and put in a comma. Take out a pronoun and put in a proper noun. Repeat endlessly. That means we’re getting close. And of course I want to make this the most professional, best read I can.

I’ve also been doing other “author” business that at one time I would have been giddy to complete. Filling out an art fact sheet, writing a bio, finding an insert to feature…lots of stuff like that. It might be more fun if I hadn’t caught an airplane bug on the way home from vacation. It’s getting better but the combo of these tedious edits and not feeling 100% has been a drag. Not that I’d change a thing. Growing pains, that’s all.


  1. Cindy, as a magazine editor years ago, I remember hours of red-lining hard copy with my marker. Can’t imagine editing electronically, though I know it’s something I should learn. Good luck to you — very exciting!


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