Westward Journey

Unplugging the laptop for 10 days while Al & I take a trip out west to see our kids. I’ll have my beloved iPhone and will be posting photos to FaceBook, so if you want to see where I’m at, you’ll have to look there. I did consider putting a FaceBook widget on this site, but I don’t want a FAN or a LIKE. Ideally, I would want something that would post to FB and my website simultaneously, the way Twitter uploads tweets to FB.

Sorry but finding and figuring that code out will have to wait because I am still not packed! If you haven’t yet, and you’re interested, you can always friend me on FB. Over there I’m Cynthia Hines Harrison. And I’ll be checking email at cindy@cynthiaharrison.com.

Writing updates: Editor at TWRP is still working on that manuscript. Kindle novel still needs a few technical tweaks, which I will get to after vacation. It’s been a huge learning curve, and the biggest lesson I’ve learned is to stop saying “It will be for sale tomorrow!” Ha. Working on the new WIP here and there, jotting notes. Ideas about character and setting are flowing in, but so far not a lot of plot. I’ve got the main conflicts but that’s it. Should be ready to roll upon return.

I’ll be writing morning pages, refilling the well, and taking on some personal demons. (My many fears include, but are not limited to, bridges (Hello Golden Gate! I’ll be driving over you soon.) and mountains (Big Sur, I’m on my way). Somewhere in the last couple of years, my goal in life has changed from “getting my books published” to “getting over every single phobia and facing every fear in this crammed full of anxiety life.” But hey, I’ll take both;-)

See ya!

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  1. Hey, I just sent you a friend request. If you get it in time, great. If not, I will catch you when you get back. I’ve been meaning to find more of my online friends on FB.

    Have a wonderful trip!!!!!


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