Full Moon Fallout

This weekend I went to a great end-of-summer party where guests are invited to bring their camp equipment and spend the night. Even before it got dark, I saw the lovely almost full moon in the sky. I love a full moon and it was even more gorgeous at night as we sat around the camp fire. Full moons get a bad rap for a good reason. People do go a little crazy when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie.

They fall in love, they quarrel, the anger they usually hide comes out and howls. It happens to me, it happens to everyone. We had a good night Saturday because the moon wasn’t quite full. Yesterday was quiet for me although the paper was full of 9/11 stories. Quiet in a heartbreaking kind of way. Today, the shit hit the internet, and honestly, I do not see how my life will ever be the same.

I feel betrayed and worse I feel like the person who betrayed me did it without a second thought, like I was an ant she squashed under her shoe. As an Aries, I am a pretty outspoken person. Our sign is full of bold leaders and tactless troublemakers. I’m a little of both, although life has shown me that stirring the pot is not usually worth the effort.

Today, it was worth the effort, so I got out my big spoon and stirred. I straightened my squashed ant ass out and then I attempted to set things right. If an Aries sees something wrong in her world, she usually will try to right it. And when it’s a full moon kind of wrong, hell hath no fury like the wrath of an Aries mistaken for an ant.


  1. Thanks Sharon but I think in this case I have uncovered a case of somebody just really disliking me and not respecting me or my ideas. I was shocked by the realization, too. What? Somebody dislikes ME? lol.Nothing to do with that but steer clear.


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