Finishing & Starting

Finished my notebook today. In morning pages, I dump whatever I don’t want hanging around me. It’s like, write it down and forget about it. I found myself thinking and writing about a new book, as I have so often in this notebook. I used the last page to make a list of everything I know about the main characters and the conflict. Then I tore that page out of the notebook to save.

As I usually do, I thumbed through the other 499 pages for anything else I might want to save. And was surprised to discover that the theme of starting a new book has been with me for awhile now. At first, I was weighing two story ideas. I like them both, but one of them tugged a little bit harder than the other, so that’s the story I’m going to write.

It’s a sequel to the book I’m trying to get up on Kindle, so if the Harlequin editor who has requested anything new I write says no, it will have another home. Only four pages of notes so far, but they outline the main conflict the characters face. It’s a really good one. And I have an inside track to the tough emotional component, a touchstone from my own life that will let flow that feeling of despair that denotes internal conflict.

I have a title too, but I’ve grown superstitious about telling my titles, so I’m just calling it Cher right  now, after the main character. Now I just need to go buy a new notebook.



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