I’m looking for a new title for Sugar Shack. Two other books are for sale on Kindle right now with that title. I want my own original title. Even if its a song title;-) Right now it’s Embellishments (one of the characters sews embellished clothing) but that title just doesn’t pop for me.

Since “the Kindle novel” is about two sisters, I’ve come up with a few around that idea: A Sister Thing and My Pesky Mean Sister. Pesky Sister sounds too YA. A Sister Thing is just okay. I need help! Or at least I need to think about it some more.

Remember Blue Heaven? Book before Luke’s #1 Rule? Saw a book called Blue Heaven, it’s a murder mystery set in a town full of retired cops. Get it? Ahhh. What can you do? I will be really, really pissed if someone takes Luke’s #1 Rule. I really like that title. I really liked Sugar Shack, too. I could go way back and call it Sugar Shack Queen, but I don’t want to disappoint the gay brothers.

I have enlisted my daughters-in-law for help on the cover. They both have lots of art/photography experience and one is willing to be a model.  Mike’s doing his thing teaching me the HTML ropes. Please feel free, if you have a title idea, to email or leave in comments.


  1. I liked Judy Blume’s “Summer Sisters” but it was about friends, not sisters. When I want to name something I make a list of everything that comes to mind without censoring any of the words. Then I look back and something jumps out every time. Good luck!


  2. I will do that Sharon. Every title I come up with is either done to death (What She Wants) or sounds ridiculous (Ariel’s Ambition). I’ll find something eventually. I’ve never had trouble with a title before.


  3. I did the brainstorming list this morning and came up with a great title. Still have not checked it to see how many other novelists have used it…I’m thinking none. It’s a little out there, but fits my story.


  4. Cindy, I would love to help with your title question, but would need a short synopsis to trigger ideas. I know what you mean about stealing titles and ideas … remember what happened to my “Winging It: Dispatches from an (Almost) Empty Nest” ???
    Be careful. Again, would love to help.


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