Silver & Gold

Big shout out to the universe today for sending me the right people to help things fall perfectly into place for me. Just sent my revised manuscript to my editor. Giving The Paris Notebook into a final polish has been my first concern for a while now, and now that’s done. For now. I expect to get edits at some point soon. But until then, yay!

The next part of the cosmic goodness showering down on me now–a resolution to the Kindle book problem. Proving that every problem has a silver lining, Shirley hooked me up with Guido, who knows his shit. Thanks Shirley! I sent the link to Mike, my son who also runs my website, and he approves. He did say that some of the more delicate procedures Guido recommends might confuse me. But that’s okay because he is coming home next week and he will walk me through the entire process.

That means I will finally get a professional looking edition of my novel up on Kindle next week!!!

How perfect is the timing of all of this? I couldn’t ask for a better solution than to have my son give me an in-person tutorial. Well, unless my daughter-in-laws agree to pose for a cover shot. Then I’ll be golden.


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