Aries Karma

As an Aries, I love instant gratification. As a novelist, I need to learn patience. Books take so long to write and publishers take a long time getting them into the world. Why am I doing this again? Oh, yeah, because I love to write. Words on the page equals instant gratification. Pages published is quite another thing. This is why I love blogging. Instant publication feels so good. Now to just master the patience needed for the rest of it.

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  1. Aquarius must be just the opposite ~ my favorite part of any project is the doing and the anticipation; I get anxious when it gets near the end. I like your way much better! You keep moving forward and getting things accomplished:)


  2. I do enjoy the process, but near the end I get sloppy sometimes;-) And waiting for others to decide the fate of my writings is the most difficult of all!


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