First up, thank you to all the people who sent KDP advice via FB, email, and this website. It’s great to know so many of you care. Now the update. Al and I worked all weekend loading and deleting my novel from the Kindle Direct Publishing site. We ran into a few problems, but thought we had solved everything by Saturday night. So we published it and went to bed.


Sunday morning, I was able to purchase the book so I could get a look at it on my Kindle. Even though we had previewed it, it still wasn’t right. There were tears. Mine, not Al’s. I knew it was stupid to cry over something so small and didn’t want to go into some big drama over it. I pulled myself together and for the second time pulled the book from Amazon. Then I took a six hour nap.


I told Al I was done. This was going to be a dream that would not happen. I felt like I was in way over my head. Like in Algebra class in college when I sweated out every exam because I’d never bothered to take pre-algebra in high school. This was the same thing: I followed all the steps in correct order, but the answer came out wrong anyway.

Voice of Reason

Al said “the worst that can happen is you’ll pay $75 and let Amazon put it up for you.” He was right. But I didn’t want anything to do with the project anymore. I was done. Even after he came home from work yesterday with yet another “simple” idea to make the project work. It took him four tries to explain it to me. Finally, I said, okay. If he wanted to work on it over another weekend, fine.


This week I am focusing on the book I have an actual contract for. I am doing what I know how to do: read, edit, write. It feels safe here.

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