Learning Curve

What I learned from yesterday’s fiasco: Stress gives me a migraine. (I already knew that.) Sometimes it is best to drop a problem, watch a movie then get a good night’s sleep. (Knew that too.) Woke up feeling optimistic about fixing every issue with the Kindle upload, and without the urgent need to start working on it right away.

Here’s why: I started revising The Paris Notebook yesterday when I thought Sugar Shack had been added to Kindle with no problem. I finished half the book’s revisions my editor requested. I stopped at a point where I knew I had to add some pages, some depth, to my story. I figured I’d do that in the morning. I knew exactly what I needed to add and how to integrate it.

So, instead of jumping into the anxiety producing Kindle issue, I wrote a new scene, in longhand, in my notebook. It’s been a really long time since I generated a new scene for a story. It felt really good to do that, like I had reconnected to the reason I write.

After I finished that scene I decided to mix up my day, get some chores done early, and I’m probably going to read the rest of The Paris Notebook and edit as I go before I tackle the Kindle project again.

I know enough html to fix the paragraph indent problem. I can change the font in Word and add the cover image to the Word document. Really, that’s all I think I have to do. Well, that and preview.


  1. When one door closes, another opens… And yes, isn’t it amazing how writing in longhand can enhance our writing process? I love the ease of typing on a keyboard, but find that getting my ideas down on paper, in longhand, is really helpful! Just doing that, last week, gave me the title for my midlife essay collection, plus ideas for several new essays.


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