Self-Publishing 101

Yesterday, I read through my 160 corrected pages and found about 40 mistakes. Most of them were tiny things like an extra space between words. I did find one bit of head-hopping and a couple of sentences that weren’t essential. So, it was a good lesson for me. Even when you think your copy is perfect, it probably isn’t.

That’s why most self-published writers should use an outside copy editor to review their work. It’s the final step before publication and marks the difference between amateur and professional.

I have had friends review manuscripts for me, and one is particularly brilliant at copy editing. She and I taught English together in various colleges around town, so her credentials are impeccable. B.A. and M. A. in English with 20 years teaching experience in the subject gives me the credibility I need to copy edit my own work.

But really, unless you can claim those same experiences and skills, you should have an outsider look at your work. How to find a good copy editor? One way is to check the DWW website link Need a Pro? for reliable editors. Anyone can claim to be an editor, but the professionalism of DWW, a heritage organization with 111 years of experience behind it, ensures you will receive excellent editorial services.

Back to my project, it’s time to fix those tiny glitches and move on.


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