Writing & Weight

I would be so depressed right now if I had not joined Romance Biggest Winner. Then again, maybe I wouldn’t because I would not have gotten on the scale. So much of weight issues are in my head. I looked in the mirror this morning, and I thought I looked okay. But I’m wearing a dress because all my pants, even the stretchy-waisted capris, pinch.

As for my writing, I need to get back to it as much as I need to get back into my jeans. The last week of school was intense, with all the grading. Then it was the holiday weekend, with all the partying, and so it’s been over a week since I touched my revisions.

I’m determined¬†to move forward and not get bogged down in thinking too much about those numbers on the scale or all the cute summer outfits I can’t wear. I need to clear space in my head to figure out what my next step should be in the revision. Should I read all of the revised part and then continue with the revisions still not completed? And if so, should I print out a pristine copy?

The answers are yes and yes.


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