A Growing Problem

A long time ago, I had a blog called “Losing It.” As the title might suggest, it was about my weight loss efforts. A friend and I had gone to Weight Watchers together and both lost weight. I think between us it was over 100 pounds. Somehow, all 100 pounds came back. The pounds always seem to come back.

My pal recently went back to WW and is losing again. Other friends have also been busy working off excess weight on various programs. Meanwhile, I have been afraid to get on the scale. I know I’ve gained weight. My jeans told me a month or two ago.

My two favorite things to do are read and write. My third favorite thing to do is watch movies. So, not a lot of whole body activity. However I’ve been pretty good about getting on the treadmill after my writing for the day is done. I love reading my Kindle while I exercise. And I don’t miss my yoga stretches. If I skip a day of yoga, my back yells at me.

The food part is harder. I’m a vegetarian, but chocolate and potato chips are not meat. Neither is wine. Or cake. The other day, in despair over my growing problem (sorry about that, pun haters), I went over to Healthy Writers. Somehow they always seem to have something that helps.

That’s how I found out about this. So I joined and on July 5 will begin a six month journey with fellow writers to lose weight. I’m excited! It’s no secret that writers have to work really hard to keep a healthy weight. We lose ourselves in other worlds for hours and when we come home, well, we’re pretty wiped out. Mental activity causes physical exhaustion.

So I’m thinking that instead of starting another page, I’ll just blog about my weight loss journey here.

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  1. I just started in again on Weight Watchers, and I lost 3.6 pounds the first week. So I’m thrilled. I knew the other versions of Weight Watchers, including the old points system. But I just LOVE being able to eat any fruit when I want. That has been my salvation.

    Good luck on your endeavor!


  2. I think it would be helpful for writers to get support from other writers, people who know what a day looks like and what the limitations are. Good luck!


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