After finishing the latest revision of Luke’s #1 Rule, I’m taking a rest from revision. For the moment. It’s a strange thing to find myself with four novels in various states of almost-readiness. It’s even stranger that I’m not pushing myself to get back to Sugar Shack, which I still have a feeling will be my first Kindle novel. It is soclosetothere.

I’ll get there, but meanwhile, I’m enjoying a very pretty and extended spring in Michigan. (We tend to go straight from winter to summer, so this is a thrill. A real spring!) My class this mini-term is also filling me with a deep sense of purpose and dare I say it? Happiness! Is this really the best class ever or am I going to wake up Monday morning to confront a bunch of surly hipsters who’d rather be anywhere than in my class? 

I’ll take happiness and give the angst a rest.


  1. Spring is slow to arrive here. Then we get a few lovely days followed by more days of rain. My gardening friend is having to be very patient this year.

    I am learning that it’s always best to take happiness.


  2. Hey Cindy, I have been reading your book and saw that your son’s name is Luke. What a coincidence! Loving your book so far…you really had a head trip done on you!


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