Making Myself Crazy with Math

So I wrote 8 pages in 90 minutes at the coffee shop. That’s a little over 10 minutes a page. Today I wrote some more, and then because I felt so far from finished, I went a little crazy with math and figured out how long, based on the above formula, it would take to finish up to the Harlequin word count. Not that I’m sweating that. It’s finished when it’s finished.

Although I would love to have the positive feelings that Harlequin will be writing soon to say “We love this! Send the full.” so it is a bit of an incentive to unfurl things a little more gracefully. I tend to rush everything in life, including my plots. So anyway, according to the math, I need 9-10 hours to complete the book.

If I work three hours a day, that’s three days. Now the trick is to do it. After school, as well. I want to get out of my thinking that writing has to happen before I leave the house, or not at all. This will be good practice!


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