Writing in a Coffee Shop

I was more than an hour early for a meeting with the Immediate Past and the current Presidents of DWW. I’d brought my laptop because we were working on an important document. When they didn’t show, I knew I could shop in the bookstore for an hour, no problem except to my checkbook. I almost took my laptop out to the car so I could browse without lugging it around.

Instead I opened it and started working on a scene for the WIP. It’s an important scene and I wanted to get it right, but figured whatever I messed up could always be revised. So I just gave myself permission to write whatever came into my head. I did, and an hour and a half sped by. I wrote 8 pages. I’m not sure if they’re any good because I haven’t had a minute to reread them.

I love my class but it’s cutting into my writing time.

The thing is I never write at 5 o’clock. I’m cooking dinner or at least thinking about it at 5 pm. But this opportunity opened and what it shows me is I don’t have to be a morning writer. If I sit down at the keyboard, I can actually sustain a 90 minute session in the late afternoon. 8 pages/90 minutes. What’s that? 12 minutes a page? Not bad!


  1. I have the opposite problem ~ I see myself as doing my best writing/work at the computer in the evening. So glad you found the unexpected block of time to be productive.


  2. I feel a little like a baseball player with his good luck charm. It’s silly that I have built this safety zone for writing. I’d like to break out of it. I would at least like to be able to leave the house to run errands or garden early and then later on write. But it’s like an escape valve. I never write after I’ve gone out of the house. Not even after school, which ends at noon. I know that sounds ridiculous. Even to me! I want to break out of this habit asap. Maybe I will start by writing after school Monday.


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