You Never Know

Some parts of writing a novel are more fun than other parts. Some take more focus and thought than others. For example, after I added handwritten revision notes to my novel, I had to type them into the document. That part’s easy. Except when I write something like “add something here” with details of what I want the scene or beat to accomplish. That takes more effort. Either way, typing in the corrections is the last stage of writing a novel (if you’re lucky-if not, you’ll read it again and go through the whole process again). I postponed this part of the work for a good ten days or so. Not sure why. Got caught up in the Blog Behind the Book thing. Saw friends. Relaxed. Cleaned my house. But I got back on the bus this morning and did about 40 pages. That seems like a lot but it isn’t when you’re just adding or deleting things here and there. And this is how the work will go on until I finish it. I don’t anticipate any surprises. But you never know.

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