Blog Behind the Book

Okay, I know other people have been doing this forever. There’s even a book out called “The Story Behind the Story.” I’m not sure if anyone has the title “Blog  Behind the Book” but if so I guess I’ll find out. I’m pretty sure you can’t copyright a title.

Anyway, long way of saying that I went through the blog posts about YWYS and put them in first to last order (by hand! anybody know an easier way of doing this?). So now I have the completed Blog Behind the Book for YWYS. I also have one for Gypsy and also The Paris Notebook. Just waiting until those novels get published to get some links going.

The process of putting together BBtB is really not difficult, just a bit slow. There’s not a ton of editing, just reformatting in Word.

I’m thinking of uploading this on Kindle for free. Not sure anyone wants to read all the pages of blogs about the process of writing and (self) publishing a book. But if there is, this can be out there. Took me all morning and afternoon and now it’s time to go have a really late lunch and then watch Oprah.

Tomorrow I’ll figure out if I can put BBtB on Kindle for free and I’ll link to it here on the site as well.


  1. Ha. I forgot that indie writers can’t give their books (or blogs) away for free on Kindle. You have to charge at least $.99. So I’ll just upload it free here at AWD. Maybe I can use my Amazon bio page to upload a link but I bet not. There’s a reason they are keeping the “free” thing away from idies.


  2. I did a a pretty short search on Google for “Blog Behind the Book” and a music site came up. So I think I’m okay. Except how to link it up.


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