Writing & Waiting

Moving at a fast clip with revising the rest of Luke’s #1 Rule. I debated the  idea that maybe I should just set that aside and put Sugar Shack, my soon to be self-published Kindle release, on the front burner. I decided no because there is a chance, however slim, that Harlequin will love my revised proposal and ask to see the rest of the ms. And I want it to be in perfect shape if that happens. If it doesn’t happen, that’s fine too, because I’ll have a finished book in my queue to go up on Kindle.

Still waiting for TWRP editor’s decision on The Paris Notebook. If they turn it down, it’s all ready to go up on Kindle. I really have been getting impatient to get my novels on Kindle or out in the world in another way or both. It’s an exciting time for me, sort of a culmination of a life’s work. It doesn’t feel like that yet, though, because I’m still waiting for a few final signs to come in.

This is the first time I haven’t been nervous about rejection. Because it really doesn’t matter that much to me at this point. If the other publishers/editors reject my mss. I know for sure Kindle won’t and I’ll be that much closer to taking that road.

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