Patience Pays Off

Decided to take an extra day off yesterday. Just felt I needed it after the intense session with the writers Saturday. Yesterday was an absolute goof of a day and I loved it. This morning, determined to get back to the business of writing, I read over my synopsis. I wanted it to be perfect, I didn’t want to have to mess anymore with it, but alas, several days in a drawer revealed that there is still work to do. It’s not quite ready.

I never used to think synopses were that important. Surely it was the chapters that mattered. (And those, I’m happy to report, are IMHO flawless!) In romance, plot is very important. And romance editors gage overall plot by looking closely at the synopsis. It’s important to create the feeling that these two lovers may be star-crossed at the moment but eventually their love transcends any differences.

I saw several places in my synopsis where I needed to strengthen that feeling of affection and “I must be with this person” tone. I am determined this time not to gloss over the romantic elements, but to clearly elucidate them. Patience is not usually a strength of mine, but I am determined to play to win this time. 

And winning is not about how fast I can get the proposal to the editor, it is about how patient I can be with the synopsis until I perfect it.


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