Made It, I Think

I have three chapters, 28 pages. I wanted to make the chapters a little longer, but the breaks were in such obvious places, I had to go with them. My new revision method has worked out well. I’m at the point where I keep changing little things, tiny things, taking out the word “the” and then putting it back in.

So I know it’s time to stop combing through those few pages and move on. I know it is clean, and I feel like the pacing is right and the conflict is tight. I feel like every single thing the editor wanted different is now different, and the elements she admired are still intact. She’s going to be reading 28 almost entirely new pages, and I hope I’m right, she will see how well I can work with editorial.

So. Now for the synopsis and a cover letter and I can ship this baby to Canada. Not a moment too soon as I took a summer teaching assignment–creative writing–so it will be fun.


  1. I had good luck with shipping writing to Canada – my advisor at Goddard College lived in Toronto and we did all our work through the mail. I’m getting good vibes!


  2. This blogessay is the best answer to the question we all ponder: “how do you know when to stop revising?” Similar to the tough questions of “am I in the right job” or “is this guy/girl the One”.


  3. I added a few more pages today, just to underline the conflict in a more compelling way. But I must stop tinkering and get to putting the final touches on the proposal. I’d like to mail it next week.


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