What’s the Rush?

Things continue to move at a glacial pace in my rewrite. I have 21 good pages. I’d like to have at least 30 for a proposal. I’ve heard of a method of revision many writers use, but I have never had the patience to try. It requires the writer to look over the previous day’s pages and edit them before moving on to anything new.

I did that today and I will continue to use that method at least until I get thirty of the best pages I can possibly write. Openings are so crucial. The first sentence, the first page, the first chapter. So much needs to be done to get the plot kicked into gear. Rereading a bit of Stein on Writing reminded me this morning that:

1. Writers need to excite readers’ curiosity about the character.

2. Readers are interested in a character who wants something badly.

3. Readers want to know what will happen.

An opening must establish a narrative hook that encompasses character, action, conflict, and setting. An unusual action grabs attention. Intriguing openings capture readers. Work on character’s emotions. They must be vivid and compelling enough so that the reader experiences the emotions, too.

Okay so that’s all. Got it. No problem. 😉


  1. Cindy, I’ve never tried to write a novel … have taken notes on some “ideas” I’ve had for one, but never had the courage to take it as far and wide as YOU have! I so admire your attention to the craft and the art, CIndy, and I know it will all pay off.


  2. Thanks Cindy. I’ve written in every form from poetry to book reviews to short stories to journalism and for me the most difficult by far is the novel form. I think this is because it is so big. There are so many words and plot threads! It’s tough keeping all that flowing in an interesting way. But, I’m hooked. I’m stubborn and always believe if I put my mind to it, I can write anything.


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