No Motivation

Not much happening on the writing front. Have not heard from TWRP. Continuing to write new first act of Luke’s #1 Rule. It’s slow going. I’m averaging three pages a day, my absolute minimum. Don’t have a lot of motivation these days, just forcing myself to the blank page. Writing is usually way more fun than this for me.

Still, I continue onward because I have a plan. I have goals. Without the intrinsic motivation, extrinsic goals must suffice. I’m taking the weekend off in hopes that I’ll come roaring back on Monday. We’ll see.


  1. Sometimes I “step in place” when I am subconsciously working on an idea before it’s ready to surface. The words will come when the time is right.

    I heard this week that mercury is retrograde;(


  2. I agree with Sharon. Sometimes, when we think we’re blocked or shut down, there’s new growth stirring beneath the surface. I know I’ve shared this a million times, but whenever I hit a block, it helps to shift gears and do something totally different. Time off really helps. Writing always comes back fresher. Let us know how it goes, Cindy!


  3. Thanks Cindy & Sharon. It’s Monday and I am determined to write the scenes I’ve had in mind for a while now today. And Sharon, I know Merc Retro has something to do with this…it will be out of phase until Apr 23. I am thinking of this time as the calm before the storm (of words.)


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