Yesterday I received my first revision letter ever from Harlequin for Luke’s #1 Rule. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve sent them queries and chapters only to have the decision come to a gentle “no.”

During the agent days, my agent asked if I could revise a manuscript one Harlequin editor liked, and the answer there was also “no.” So, there have been a lot of “no thanks” rejections, but never ever until yesterday a revision letter from Harlequin.

So, that’s good news, as my husband said when I told him. He’s getting to know the ropes and has listened to me as I described the various revision letters coming in from TWRP. 

Which brings me to another point. Which ms. should I be revising now? After meditating about it this morning, I have decided to continue with The Paris Notebook revisions for TWRP. They are more than half complete and I don’t want to lose momentum. I think I’ll have them completed by the weekend and while I am revising TPN, I can begin thinking about and jotting down notes regarding how I want to fix L#1R. In fact, I’ve already started that list.

Revision letters are not a yes, but they are not a no, either. They are a firm “maybe” — an invitation from an editor asking me to show them if I know how to revise and if I am willing to take editorial direction. My answer to that is yes and yes!


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