I’ve been re-reading The Instruction and since the first read so much in my life has changed. I was able to see by my margin notes where in life I’d overcome obstacles and also where I was still stuck. The key word to my whole life pattern is “change” which brings with it the ability to improve things and the risk of novelty–change just for the sake of something new.

As a creative type focused on fiction, revision (change) is a huge part of my life. I see now that I missed so many opportunities because I wanted quick action. I wanted the next story, the next challenge. I did not want to revise one more time, even when friends and editors told me it was the right thing to do.

Very fortunate that I am in the process of re-learning these life lessons because yesterday I got another revision letter about turning The Paris Notebook into a romance novel. Most of what I’ve been asked to consider is taking out a subplot that buries the romance, which should always be front and center. I have received this advice before from another editor, at another publisher, and I ignored it.

This time I’m going to extract that subplot and shine up the featured couple and their romantic journey. If this sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the same thing I’m doing with Sugar Shack! I know, slow learner. Anyway, putting Sugar Shack away for a bit until I get this latest revision completed and sent.

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