How Writers Work

Feel better about revision since reading about other writer’s processes. They are all so different. Comes down to “whatever works for you.” Jennifer Egan writes out a draft in longhand and does not look at it again until she types it into her computer. She edits as she goes and then “revises endlessly.”

One common plot problem that I can relate to is writing the back story into the story as a way to explain characters to myself. Was it Cynthia Ozick who does this? Can’t recall. But just to know that other writers have revision woes is a comfort somehow.

Also I worked out all the plot issues I think. Still can’t figure out how to end it. I have a few ideas but no idea which one will work. Have faith that when the time comes I’ll figure it out.

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  1. I’m always intrigued by how other writers work. And i love reading books about their process. Me, I am a slow, fussy writer. You’d think a person could whip out a short essay in a few hours or so, but I rework them for days. I OVERwork my stuff and am struggling to learn how to “let it be” and to stay with the first fresh thoughts.


  2. Slowly is the key word, lol. One of my biggest challenges as a writer and in life is to dig in for the long haul. That’s how I ended up with six or seven unfinished manuscripts in a closet. At the time I put each ms. aside, I was sure it was finished. I convinced myself each time that it was okay to move on to the next project.


  3. I am sorry. Why? Because of your brother. He has been through a lot. He seems to be happy, though. I admit, I can’t imagine, what kind of life he has without those memories, but as long as he remembers even part of his life and who the people around him are, it can’t be that bad. I wish him all the best. And you too.


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