Moon in Aries

Back from an entirely blogless vacation. With the moon in Aries right now, most people are feeling more energetic than usual. That is not happening with me. It’s noon and I need a nap. Maybe later I’ll get some pep…Aries is my sun sign, so I should be especially perky now. Everyone gets a blast of energy when moon is in Aries, but we Aries folks get a double dose. Usually.

I have complete faith that tomorrow I will be soooo ready to get back to work on the final polish of Sugar Shack. I wrote every day on vacation, but not fiction. Fiction is what I crave to indulge in right now. Or as soon as I get that famous Aries energy surge.


  1. I must not have a bit of Aries in my chart – I need to go look at that – because I have no energy this week. At all. Welcome back and may energy soon return for both of us:)


  2. Hope you’re soon energized and raring to go, Cindy! Sounds like you just need a little time to recover from vacation. I always need a vacation from my vacations, if that makes any sense 🙂


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