Getting Out of Town

Pulled Sugar Shack out of the closet and into the desk drawer. Read the first thirty or so pages and made quick edits. This novel has three points of view. Two of them are unique with personalities that pop off the page. One of them is so bland I considered cutting all her scenes. But I need the plot points she moves forward, so instead I will revise her character.

Of the three, Emma is the least central character. I figured out who she is, what makes her tick, and her flaw. I knew most of that before, but I didn’t quite get it across to the reader. So now it’s just a matter of getting more of her unique voice into the scenes with her pov. Revised one of her scenes the other day and was really pleased with how it turned out.

Then I remembered that I’ll be on vacation when my writer group’s newsletter is due. (I’m still the editor). So working on that now. Also going out to lunch with friends. Did I say I am terrified of the self-publishing project? Because I am. So. Not. Tech. Savvy. But will climb that mountain when I come to it. After vacation. Will write more when I return March 7.

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