Making Dates with the Moon

I’m having a full moon moment. Full moons astrologically speaking are all about completion. And today’s full moon is one of the big ones, appearing larger in the sky and closer to earth than most full moons. Maybe that is why after completing my Paris Notebook project on Tuesday, I have not been in any big hurry to start something new.

In case you’re wondering, the time to begin new projects is during a New Moon. Our next new moon is March 4. And that makes perfect sense to me, since Al just casually asked me last night if I want to take a road trip to Florida next week. I said a big fat full moon YES. After two books in two months, I could use a little relaxation.

If the trip actually happens (you never know with Al) we’d leave next Saturday and return just after the new moon. Perfect time to start that next big huge scary self-publishing project.


  1. That is some moon tonight – orange as it rose and now shining behind clouds here in the northeast. Fingers crossed for Paris Notebook and the trip to Florida.


  2. I loved that moon last night! And it looks like Florida is a sure thing. Just wish I knew about the fate of The Paris Notebook, too. Ah well, you can’t have it all…


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