Love Story

Got my contest entry polished and sent. Took a long time to get into the mood to write this morning. I’d looked it over and made some edits yesterday and just needed to type them in today and then give the entry another quick edit. Ten pages. You wouldn’t think it would consume me the way it did. It’s just–I am not fond of writing love scenes, at least I don’t like writing the sex parts. My inner sex therapist is on my shoulder the whole time making wise cracks like “Just hope your kids don’t read this” and “You’re sure to be nominated for worst ever sex scene.”

So it’s done. And I decided something. If I do end up self-publishing, I am going to close the door on the love scenes before they get too down and dirty and open them up again right after the deed is done. It’s not that my characters won’t have sex. It’s just that the reader won’t be watching them.


  1. I am so with you there. I prefer to keep the door closed when I read too. If there are sex scenes, I skim them. I’m no prude, I just think they come off as awkward most of the time.


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