Submission Etiquette

I have an author pal who has several books published at TWRP. We actually met when I  reviewed her first novel back in my Romantic Times days. We’ve stayed in touch and she’s guiding me through some of the insider workings of TWRP. She’s been there for me from the start–before I even sent them a query, I told her I was thinking about it.

Now that I’ve finished the second rewrite, I told her that, too. She suggested I sent a short note to the editor, telling her I’d finished (all but a final read-through) and to expect the manuscript next week. My friend says these editors receive a ton of submissions so it helps them to be reminded of who I am and what we’d talked about. It’s been about six weeks, so I thought my friend was right. I’d have never thought to do that on my own!

So I started a short note, but then I wanted to tell her what I’d done and somehow show her how her suggestions had helped me. So I ended up crafting a new pitch, something you might read on a book jacket. Maybe three or four sentences, but I think from that and the excerpt I included of her advice, she’ll get what I’ve done very quickly.

Now I just need to find a quiet day to read through the manuscript. If I get the contest pages revised to my satisfaction today, it could be tomorrow.

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