Waiting & Working

I’m not good at waiting. But in the writing business, you have to practice patience. What I keep telling myself so as not to go mad is that, one way or the other, the waiting is almost over. I’ve got 70 pages left on the revision–from the new improved black moment onto the resolution and HEA. I should wrap this up by week’s end.

And then, I must wait. One of the perks of waiting for an e-book editor’s comments is that it usually comes sooner rather than later. But still, for at least a few weeks, and probably with Harlequin more like months, I’ll have to wait to hear the verdicts on my mss.

One of the tricks I use to take my mind off waiting is to immerse myself in something new ASAP. And the “something new” this time is going to be self-publishing. I already have the story, and it only needs a few revisions, maybe a week or so of work and then onto learning how to format and make book covers and technical things like that.  

I’m excited as I realize that I am coming closer than ever to my publishing dream. It’s not in the form I’d imagined and that’s fine. Being my own editor means never having to wait to publish! The other great thing about self-publishing is that if either or both of the mss. under consideration gets turned down, I’ll be ready to self-publish them immediately.

Which means, one way or another, I will publish at least three novels this year!


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