Decision Time

After two days spent not writing, this morning I finally made a decision about what piece of writing to work on next. I was having a hard time making the decision; the confusing assortment of choices had me going back and forth. So I handed the decision to the universe and said “I’m going out to lunch. Meanwhile, please let me know what to do.”

Then I got very busy being a person first, writer second. Went to book group, went out to lunch (two days in a row!) with friends. I shopped, cooked and cleaned. I ineptly posted pictures on Facebook and tweeted awkwardly. Normal stuff. I didn’t think much at all about writing.

Then this morning I woke up with a schedule cleared for writing and knew the next project would be to work on The Paris Notebook one last time. Revising the Jack chapters will be my focus for the next week or so and then I will finally be done with that book.

All except the publishing part.

I had to really think about whether I wanted to put it through one more revision. It’s the first book I wrote while blogging here and I’ve read and revised it many times in the last 8 years. But I decided to take it through one last revision because the editor who suggested the changes made a really good point. I had to think about what she said, try to figure out if changing up the conflict and black moment would help or hurt the book.

There was not a chance she’d publish it as is, and she still might not even offer me a contract with the changes. But that’s fine. If she still doesn’t think its for her publisher after I revise, I’m going to put it out on Kindle and CreateSpace.

My friend Becky did this with two of her novels and she’s blogged here and here about how exactly you do that. I’m excited to try that. One way or the other, this book will be published soon. That I know for sure.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, dear Cindy. Your perseverance and integrity with “The Paris Notebook” (and all your works) inspire me and I know it inspires your other Cindy-and-AWD fans too!


  2. Thanks Becky. It was a true test of my own motives to see if the change the editor asked for would make the book stronger or if I was just doing it to please an editor. In the end, I realized the change she suggested really will make the book much stronger. And I am as excited about pubbing on Create Space as I am through other publishers.


  3. Cindy, with so much dedication and perseverance, you are bound to publish that book one way or another! I like the way you allow yourself to take a break while you are waiting for directions from the Universe. I am going to do that for the next few weeks myself, while I take care of my mom (who will return from rehab this week and need a lot of hands-on care and errand-running from me). Keep writing, Cindy!


  4. It’s funny how having so many options can actually limit creativity… and vice versa. Constraints can be so helpful! I know I think too much and act too little. I’m trying to make more decisions arbitrarily… Even leaving it up to the toss of a dice is more useful than wasting time being indecisive I think.


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