Done With Luke

Worked for six hours today. That’s a lot for me. I usually spend two or three hours tops on writing. But the next few days are pretty busy, and I noted that I was almost finished, so I pushed myself a bit and now I’m done. Next, just wait for the editor who has the first three chapters to request the rest of the ms. Once that happens, I’ll read it again and maybe add an epilogue. I’ve got enough words (56K) that’s not why I might want to add an extra chapter. I think it might be nice to tie up those last loose ends. It’s an ending that begs the question “What comes next?” Obviously, there’s a HEA. The love story is complete, and that’s what matters. Right now I’m of two minds whether to add the epilogue or not, so waiting and rereading will likely solve the issue.

I may have gone a bit overboard on the writing today…I couldn’t handle this pace every day. Still, it feels good to know if I have to, I can revise 50 pages in 5 hours;-)


  1. Thanks for the vote of confidence on the epilogue Sharon. I kind of left a new job/relocation thing up in the air–my hero rushes half way across the country to stop the heroine from accepting the job and thus leaving him–it would be fun to just tie up that loose end.


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