Last week was a total bust, writing-wise. Monday and Tuesday were spent with Al, and that was fine. I’d planned that part of the slacking. Then later in the day Tuesday, I got slammed with a virus. I’ll spare you the details of my suffering. Suffice to say,  no writing got done for many days in a row. I finally felt better Saturday, with the help of some OTC meds, but couldn’t write because I had the writers here. (The irony!)  And yesterday, I still wasn’t motivated to write.

Then last night Mike called, and we talked about ending the blog in September 2012. I gave him the master plan. And that’s when I realized, I really need to write every day if I’m going to pull this off. So this morning I got back at it. I’m so close to being done with the Luke revisions. If I work steadily all week, I should be able to finish.

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