Amazon Opportunity

Found this in my email this morning and can’t help but think I should enter. Not with Luke, which I’m saving for Harlequin. Not with The Paris Notebook, which I’m saving for TWRP, but something else. I know Blue Heaven is not ready, because we critiqued it on Saturday and let’s just say nobody is begging me for the next chapter.

I still have other mss I could enter. Last time I read Sugar Shack I really loved it, but it also needed some work. Then there’s Gypsy and Traveling Girl. I have not read those in a long, long time.

I wish I could just dismiss this competition from my mind. I don’t usually enter contests. I plan to enter one sponsored by our RWA chapter, but that’s because I want to support the chapter. Plus it’s far less complicated than the Amazon competition. Just ten pages. A love scene. Easy to enter, if not to win;-)

I am not getting an intuitive hit like “This might be my big chance!” Although my horoscope keeps saying this is going to be a stellar year for me in a new career, that I am finally going to get what I’ve been working for and dreaming about for so long. Which is why I am still considering entering.

Not a very wide window of time. I don’t know what to do! I don’t know which ms. to enter! I’m not sure if this is maybe a huge waste of time. I’m mulling it over. Meanwhile, I have two mss. and one contest already in the queue. Entering this would mean adding another project. Can I handle the pressure? Isn’t this why I took the term off teaching? So that I could focus on writing opportunities?

I drive myself crazy sometimes.

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  1. I followed the link to see what the deal was. What a great opportunity! Looks to me, though, like this is something a writer needs to know about well in advance and be ready to pounce when the contest opens ~ one of the categories was closed because they already had the allotted number of entrants.


  2. I entered this contest when it was in its second year. There were a few rounds to go through. I made it through the first round. At the second round, two “vine reviewers” reviewed it and I did not make it past that round. The nice thing was I got two reviews on the first 15 pages of my novel. The weird thing was that it was very random the feedback I got. Still, it was feedback and that means something. What I mean to say is that you have to trust the luck of whoever gets your manuscript. One of the people LOVED my manuscript- the other- hated love stories and so didn’t like it- but is that really fair? If you don’t like a genre are ou the right person to reivew it?

    So I guess I’m saying its worth entering but don’t take it personally if there’s some random reason it doesn’t work out.


  3. Wow, a category is already closed? Maybe my decision has been made for me! Because I’m still not sure what to do, although I do like the idea of getting critiques.


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