Not So Fast

Yesterday I took the day off writing — I’d worked so hard the day before, the revisions were finished and I hadn’t had lunch with friends in so, so long. So I took the day. But Luke wasn’t about to let me off that easily. Hours after I “finished” the revision, ideas on how to make the third act better started pouring in.

My usual Aries (impatient) way of dealing with this would be to ignore the “even better” ideas. At least for now. So I could make my self-imposed deadline and get on with the next thing on my list. But this time I wrote the ideas down. Then I went to lunch with my friends. I forgot about writing for a little while. A very short little while, as it turned out.

Home from lunch more ideas for a better Act 3 popped into my head. I dutifully wrote them down. This morning I realized that a significant portion of the last 100 pages of the book (a little less than a third of the book) will need to be completely rewritten in order to incorporate my new ideas to heighten and tighen the conflict and black moment. I have clipped those pages together with my notes and put them in a drawer.

For as long as it takes (one day? two? more?) I will type in the line edits for Act 2. After that, I’ll tackle the final act. And it will take as long as it takes. 

I’m not sure why or how I have learned patience with revision. I just know that I need to honor the process, not rush it.


  1. Key words: honor the process. It’s good that that process occasionally includes lunch with friends:)

    I thought of you today, Cindy, when I heard a report about a new astrological sign, Ophiuchus which has been inserted late November-early December to accommodate the movement of stars due to the moon-earth magnetic field changes. I’ve listened to the report twice and while I find it fascinating it’s hard to wrap my mind around. I think I’ll still consider myself an aquarius.


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