First Act

Read through the first 100 pages of Luke’s #1 Rule and I gotta say, my first act is awesome. Really I only changed five or six sentences. In 100 pages! Of course I’ve been through this section before, so it’s not really a cold read of a first draft. More like a warm read of a second. From this point on, things get tricky.

At about page 103, ran into some technical difficulties that require the study of Word 2007 For Dummies. That will kill an entire morning of revising, unless I can get Al to show me which buttons to push when he gets home from the gym tonight. We’ll probably both be too wiped out to do more than have some dinner and watch the DVR of Hawaii 5-0.

So, after I get that technical problem solved, I’ll read Acts 2 & 3 and hope they flow as smoothly as Act 1 did. Which I already know they won’t because I have a big scene sequence to fix, rewrite, and reposition later in the story. It’s the black moment stuff so I have to work it out on paper (It’s all in my head right now, which is a dangerous place to be. Things get lost there.) and finely tune what is now random twanging.

I am actually looking forward to that. Way more than reading Dummies. Again.

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