With Wings

Just got home from the post office. I read over my second synopsis and three chapters for Luke’s #1 Rule this morning and really I was surprised because I still liked them. Even after a few days for cooling off they seemed like my shiny best effort and also a perfect fit for Harlequin, the publisher I am targeting. So I changed five or six words, added a header, did spell check, wrote a cover letter, and mailed the proposal off to Canada.

Now I need to read the manuscript again and make whatever changes necessary. In a word, revision. And after that, revising some more with another manuscript for another publisher. That will keep me busy while I’m waiting to hear about the current submission. Last time, it took several months to hear anything so I won’t be holding my breath.

All I can do now is visualize angels winging their way to Canada, accompanying my pages, ensuring a postive reception.


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