Synopsis Drama

I looked at the first paragraph of my horrid synopsis this morning and decided to rewrite the entire thing. Yesterday’s synopsis was 5 pages long. Except for the first blah paragraph, I didn’t even read it. I just wrote 5 new, better pages today.

What was lacking in yesterday’s synopsis was voice. Tone. Mood. Class. Style. Sass. Yesterday’s synopsis was all workmanlike sentences about what happens first, next, after that, etc. I’m a writer. Yes, that’s stating the obvious, but you’d never know I was a creative writer from that first synopsis. Today’s synopsis is infused with personality and color. It also gives the major plot points. 

So I have everything I need to send to the Harlequin editor. But I’m going to wait another day or two and read everything again and see if I can make it even better.


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