Good Tidings for Christmas

Here I am relaxing with a glass of Seattle Chardonnay and wearing my new hammered cuff. Gifts from the kids, who could not be here for Christmas. Al and I stole a half hour before his family arrived for dinner, to have a quiet toast. Although I love the wine, the jewelry, and all my presents, my favorite gift was a letter.

At my parents’ for Christmas Eve, we came home late and picked up the mail. I’d felt sleepy but when I saw the stamped self-addressed envelope my mind woke up and my first thought was “They would not send a rejection on Christmas!” My prediction turned out to be correct. Harlequin would like to see a synopsis and the first three chapters of Luke’s #1 Rule!

Hope your holidays were just as happy.

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  1. YAY CINDY !!!! I am sorry I came so late to the celebration here. (Just recovering from the horrible norovirus.) I can’t think of a better Christmas gift … and can’t think of a more deserving writer. You are an inspiration, as you’ve never given up. You must keep us posted on how it all comes together… Cheers!


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