Christmas Writing Trick

I have been steadily writing every morning through the holiday season so far, but I can see this coming to a stop very soon–like tomorrow when I have to shop for our Christmas Day celebration here, with Al’s family. Like Christmas Eve, when I promised to make an Applesauce Cake for the family feast my mom is hosting.  Like the day after Christmas, when I’ll be recovering from all the shopping, cooking, cleaning, travel, and general merriment.

Then there’s next week. Al will be off. That’s good and bad. He’s having some work done to the house (Yes! I get a new furnace for Christmas! Just what I wanted…) and it will be loud and cold. I’ll have to absent myself. On the plus side, we will have breakfast together! And Fran’s hosting a girlfriend lunch, Deb and I might try to fit in one more yoga session before 2011, etc, etc. I really wonder if I’ll find any writing time at all until 2011.

I have heard several writers say that their secret to staying connected to their story through the holidays is to just write one sentence a day. I might try that. But I have another trick up my sleeve.

Today, I fortunately brought myself to the point in my WIP that needs revision. Three or four new exciting scenes to replace a not so great plot point. It was the thing that bugged me most about the manuscript and it involves upping the ante on that hero/heroine conflict. I figured out a great way to fix this! I know what to do now! I can’t wait to do it!

So that’s how I left my WIP this morning. Right there. Knowing what needs to come next. Knowing it will improve my manuscript times a hundred. That’s my Christmas writing trick–making sure my motivation is strong enough to get back into this story as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas!


  1. Great idea. I read somewhere that Hemingway did that at the end of every writing session–left one unfinished sentence so he could glide into the next session without as much resistance.


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